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About DNS

"DNS" stands for "Domain Name System". The purpose of DNS is to identify which computers (servers) on the Web are ready and able to handle service requests for your domain. The way that is done is through a set of records attached to your domain name. The main ones are:

  • NS records: These list the DNS servers that can respond to queries about your domain name.
  • A records: These map domains and subdomains to IP addresses.
  • MX records: Identify the mail servers for your domain name.
  • CNAME records: Maps one domain to another domain in DNS queries.

If you are using any of our domain services for email or web site hosting you don't need to worry about DNS (we handle that at our end).

On the other hand, if you are hosting services for your domain elsewhere, then your domain name will need configuring for those services. Please use this form to request DNS changes. (There is no charge for DNS updates).

NS record changes

Your hosting provider may wish to manage the DNS for your domain name. For this to happen we will need to alter your domain records (the "NS" records) so that your domain is associated with your host's "name servers" instead of ours. Your hosting provider will give you the names of their name servers (there are always at least two, and there may be even six or more). A typical name for a name server is something like "" or some such. So all you need do is send us this information through our DNS request form.

Other DNS changes

If you like we can set up custom DNS records for your domain name using our own name servers. There is no charge for this service.

Please use this form to request DNS record updates (e.g. 'A' records, 'MX' records, 'CNAME' records 'TXT' records etc.).