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Putting your domain name to work

Buying a domain name is a bit like buying your own plot of land in the new frontier of the "world wide web". Only you have the rights to that particular "plot" - no one else can make use of that space..

At this point that may be all you need. You may not be ready to start putting your domain to use. Perhaps you are not ever expecting to do anything with your domain name - it's just that you need to make sure no-one else can set up business on that plot!

A domain that doesn't actually "do" anything is called a "parked domain". But what if you actually want to power up your domain name and put it to good use. What can you do? And how can you do it? Well we offer a complete range of services for your domain name, ranging from free DNS management and forwarding, to robust, website hosting designed to meet the requirements of small to medium-sized businesses

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Email forwarding Free Start using your domain name for email more information request email forwarding
Web forwarding Free "Point" your domain to another web site more information request web forwarding
Email hosting £3 per month Email accounts for sending & receiving email with your own domain name more information
Web site hosting £5 per month Robust hosting for web pages designed for small to medium sized business (includes email hosting too) more information
DNS management Free Configure your domain to use another company's hosting services more information request DNS change