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Discover the benefits of fully featured web space at a price you can afford...

When you host your web site with us you get a powerful and resilient platform for your web pages designed for business use. Your site will be hosted using the Linux operating system running the Apache web server. You will be in good company! Fully 60% of all Internet-accessible web servers are running Apache, and most on Linux platforms.

Our website hosting plan costs just £5 per month. Click here to order online.

Technical support...

Technical support is just a phone call away in the true meaning of the term! We do not operate a "call centre" with an automated switch board. There are no premium rate support lines. By "support" we don't just mean "is your web site up and running and your email working?" - we are here to help you with any and every aspect of your Internet project.

Built-in professional applications...

Our hosting plans include FREE complimentary subscriptions to our three web applications that are used by web sites all over the world! No programming skills are required and there is no software to install.

Key features

  • For your web site...
    • SSL certificate for secure HTTPS connection
    • Massive 1Gb of web space and 5Gb traffic
    • Web-based control panel for managing hosting settings
    • Support for FTPS (encrypted FTP) as well as standard FTP
    • Password protected directories (via .htaccess)
    • Perl scripts
    • PHP scripting
    • MySQL database (with phpMyAdmin)
    • Server-side gzip compression (makes your web pages load faster)
    • Access to Apache web server log files
    • One-click install for Wordpress (blogging and page creation system)
    • Complimentary Web-form-buddy account
    • Complimentary Web-store-buddy account
    • Complimentary Refer-a-buddy account
  • For your email...
    • Password-protected mail accounts with support for secure, encrypted SSL/TLS connections
    • Per-account autoresponders
    • Server-side spam filtering
    • Server-side anti-virus
    • Web-based control panel for managing email settings
    • Per-account browser access to mail box(webmail)

Our website hosting plan costs just £5 per month. Click here to order online.